Continuing Education Center

Since 2011, the Continuing Education Center has been unifying the work of all units, divisions, and centers of training and continuing education in the faculties of the university and the Presidential Office in order to save time and money, coordinate efforts and provide training for all employees in the government sector. For more information Click Here

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About the Centre

Higher education's link to societal advancement necessitates us to support and develop it as a current necessity.When it comes to faculty development, this implies its programs must keep up with modern scientific discoveries to keep up with rapid and sophisticated scientific developments. This demands growth to consider the faculty member's abilities and skills so he can maximize educational stimulation. Creativity, conclusion, reflection, conversation management, scientific discussion, problem analysis, continual evaluation, new technologies, and learning environment management. Faculty development improves students' habits, abilities, and thinking.

The Center for Continuing Education and Cadre Development is an integral part of the University of Babylon's education development and expertise management. The center fulfils these tasks by providing advanced programs to develop the capabilities and skills of state employees in Babylon Province and the Middle Euphrates region, as well as for university faculty. In addition, the center offers appropriate programs for academic leaders to improve their leadership performance and decision-making capabilities, due to the advancement and efficiency of The Center for Continuing Education. The center offers programs and courses to strengthen graduate students' research and thinking skills.

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